About me

Career path

I discovered my passion for interactive 3D computer graphics more than 15 years ago and since then I have realized various projects in this field. I have many years of intensive experience in the conception and development of applications and systems in this area. This includes GPU graphic programming, design and implementation of backends and the associated interfaces, application and system architecture and last but not least frontend development.

Before founding the redPlant GmbH back in 2012 together with Annika and Thomas, I first obtained my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Furtwangen University (Grade 1.0) and then my Master of Science in Computer Science at Düsseldorf University (Grade 1.0).

During my Master studies I was employed at the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS and had the opportunity to work with experts from various fields such as geologists, geophysicists, well-known international software producers, manufacturers of rendering hardware and all other related industries that are essential for realtime 3D.

During this time I was responsible for the development of an interactive volume rendering and classification framework for volumetric seismic data sets from the oil and gas industry. This application was developed in close cooperation with the members of the international VRGeo industry consortium. I presented my research results several times at the regular VRGeo Meeting and also wrote my Master Thesis on this topic. The feedback from the VRGeo members was extremely positive and I thank everyone for their professional support and insightful comments.

After graduation I was offered a full position at the Fraunhofer Institute to continue my research and the development of the framework. I felt honored, but still had to refuse because I was already in the process of founding the redPlant GmbH at that time.

I am very proud of what my two partners, our team and myself have achieved in the following six years. Among others, we have successfully realized projects for the following customers. Nike, Sonor, Lufthansa, Vans, Miele, Bayer, Vaillant. Just to name a few.

It was an exciting time for which I am grateful and I learned a lot. Firstly, I have been able to deepen my technical skills in theory and practice. Secondly, I have gained important experience in my function as managing director and project lead. Moreover, I am now very experienced in communicating and negotiating with national and international clients.

Nevertheless, I decided to take a different path in the future, to reorient myself professionally and to look for a new challenge.