Screen Space Area Lights

SSAL for Unity3D

Realized during my time at redPlant

Project details

Unity3D Shader SSAL Screen Space C# CG GLSL Image Space Lighting Custom Falloff Curves

At a Glance

First Commercial Plugin for Unity3D implementing Screen Space Area Lights

Screen Space Area Lights

The SSAL package supported rectangular light emitters (monochrome, textured and animated) as well as monochrome spherical light emitters. All emitter types provided correct diffuse and specular lighting.

The lights supported several types of falloff curves. Implemented were standard constant, linear, quadratic falloff or custom falloff functions, that can be adjusted via the builtin graph editor.

All properties were exposed to the user and could be adjusted completely at runtime. This includes color, intensity, emitter textures, falloff parameters as well as transformation settings such as translation, rotation and scaling.

All parameters could be controlled either manually in the editor or via scripting.